Monday, 21 January 2013

Free SMS To India V2.6 is released

Free SMS To India new Version v2.6 is released having following more features -

- New SMS categories are added.
- update apk option is added in settings.
- check DND option is added in settings.
- optimize the sending speed of way2sms.
- providers Fixup.

Now one can check DoNotService for a mobile number. Happy SMSing.

How to Start / Stop "Donot Disturb Services" (DND) in India?

How to Stop receiving Bulk SMS:

Customers (landline and mobile) who do not want to receive commercial communications can dial or SMS to 1909 (toll free) and register in either of the two categories:
Fully Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS
Partially Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS except SMS from one of the opted preferences

For registering option using SMS, for 'fully blocked category',
Type "START 0" and send it to 1909.

For 'partially blocked category',
Type 'START' with one or multiple options from the list of seven categories.
There are at present 7 preferences to choose from-
Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards-1,
Real Estate-2,
Consumer goods and automobiles-5,

For example: To receive messages relating to only Health products, then send SMS "START 4" to 1909. Similarly, for receiving messages relating to Real Estate and Education, send SMS "START 2,3" to 1909.

How to unsubscribe the DND service ?
To start receiving these sms, you need to unsubscribe to DND. In such case, all sms including our SMS would be received within 45 days. No doubt, JUNK sms would also be dumped in your mobile. You need to eliminate unwanted sms, if you want to benefit. You need to make a call at 1909 to unsubscribe the DND service.

 click to update it.

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